Sarah Gallaun Photography

I’ve encountered a lot of incredible photography online recently and the photography of Sarah Gallaun just stood out to me. Landscapes clearly play a heavy role in her work whereas the people in the photos seem to blend beautifully in with their surroundings. Her models tend to be dressed in wonderful vintage attire with long hair and passive facial expressions which add to the concept of fitting in with the landscape. I am in love and wholly inspired for my own future photography.

~ Becca
1459160_228964823966607_219056743_n 1525763_201585726704517_1861060308_n 1560762_209171962612560_575563703_n 1604415_201583580038065_170929322_n 1660669_217001741829582_1843050331_n 10923604_318383481691407_8533396389644641084_n 10944884_339714496224972_6935554530131757173_n 11751815_384674351728986_102923327756584909_n


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