Guðrun & Guðrun

I am a very keen knitter with plans to establish an Etsy shop selling my knitting in the next week or so. Encountering amazing knitting online is always something special to me as although knitting has become increasingly popular of late it is still a craft that is relatively unpractised, especially now in our fast-paced society when everything can be done with a machine, knitting isn’t exactly “common”.

Guðrun & Guðrun was established by two Faroese women with the aim of producing clothes that are handmade in the homes of Faroese Jordanian and Peruvan women with organic, animal-friendly Faroese wool, using waste products and made responsibly with the aim of empowering women. The Faroe Islands being located in the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway, the Nordic themes are particularly evident across all of the knitted creations available. Although some of these garments are not what some may consider “dark fashion” there is a serene sophistication to Nordic Knits that would make many a garment a dynamic addition to a dark fashion wardrobe or that of someone wanting to show their Scandinavian roots or fascination, as often Katie and I want to do. Besides, the net-like tops and jumpers would be a much loved addition to any witch wardrobe.

The traditional Nordic Patterns, chunky wool, intricate cabling, unusual and ethereal designs … everything about Guðrun & Guðrun had my inner knitter crying out with longing and desire to be able to knit garments as beautiful as these. Picking a selection of photos was tough and made harder by some of the models being out in distinctive landscape of the Faroe Islands; hauntingly beautiful.

~ Becca

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