OVATE Collection Poèmes Oubliés Photographed by Ellen Rogers

Ovate and photographer Ellen Rogers have conjured up a stark yet beautiful photographic collaboration, featuring garments from Ovate’s Poèmes Oubliés collection. I’m extremely taken with the latest offerings from Ovate and am hoping, in my hearts of hearts, to get my hands on at least one piece.

– Katie

11221506_1037914906219078_7160357361890458885_o 11222145_1037914746219094_3893695690834296895_o 11224495_1037914696219099_7258681579214446992_o 11823066_1037914996219069_8895345755172937110_o 11844964_1037914686219100_3373184148105916135_o 11870904_1037915116219057_4609723914578806254_n 11873625_1037914699552432_3257265650143638787_n 11878878_1037914876219081_8787626385672589738_o 11884985_1037914879552414_1201376592871222570_o 11885761_1037915142885721_938225498568088860_o


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