Kinko White

Utterly enchanted by the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit artwork by Kinko White from Estonia; it just simply took my breath away; I felt an intoxicating desire to step into one of her lovely portraits and knock on the beautiful wooden round door of Bilbo’s little home.

~ Becca

evenstar_by_kinko_white-d6k2x1h gandalf_by_kinko_white-d8ejxfh give_five_to_isildur_and_anarion_by_kinko_white-d7e9oap oak_tree_by_kinko_white-d8gancy orcrist__the_sword_of_thorin_oakenshield_by_kinko_white-d6vg9h0 the_white_wizard_by_kinko_white-d919knk


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