Anita Inverarity

Scottish artist Anita Inverarity creates art inspired by the natural world and Myths and Legends. I don’t want to diminish the quality and beauty of her work by simply dubbing it as ‘Cute’ but rather, her doe-eyed animals and people do have a “cute” vibe to them as well as something darker and more ethereal that sparks stories behind each image. I am positively besotted with the image of the barn owl with the exceptionally large eye and her depiction of the goddess Freya. Just stunning.

~ Becca

1004528_584905098214760_2031344850_n 11401507_899146863457247_3457131632826871380_n1014218_584926044879332_177864752_n10268453_700584863313449_130148609424203562_n10847838_807696699268931_2907835741354262522_n10897928_829916837046917_8459776879997247_n


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