Natalia Le Fay

I’d encountered the photography of Natalia Le Fay several times on tumblr; the series of work I’d seen the most of was entitled ‘The sorrowful naiad Helena’ and featured a redheaded young woman submerged in water looking wistful and mysterious. Some of the images on her page are too heavily edited or the outfits too fantasy-based for my taste – still good, just not my cup of tea – but there a wealth of shots that I couldn’t help but love and had to share. Clearly a very talented woman bursting with amazing ideas.

~ Becca

944767_1391167531127917_533600935_n 1422488_1394739027437434_621908278_n 1459856_1391167401127930_1112037769_n 1476335_1391167394461264_1020513139_n 10455693_1526807954230540_6241736072171981202_n 10616142_1526808227563846_2811388198337040854_n 10981611_1636141629963838_5778158081700989791_n 11781732_1641266276118040_3516474474386724650_n


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