Elis Photography

There is something hauntingly beautiful about some of the work by Elisa Scascitelli that entranced me. Focusing mainly on pale wistful females, limbs, hands; often embellished by the addition of flowers, dead insects and the beautiful simplicity of freckles, her images simply made me smile and lingered in my thoughts.

~ Becca

1781907_1037174612964647_1499486479710985583_n 10150776_1072044672810974_5932441969128299372_n 10481582_1105364749478966_4691537820261727302_n 10984075_1116545731694201_2531866605618177412_n 11206041_1083720378310070_6780393274858238032_n 11659291_1120331684648939_2950877230439951488_n 12002238_1163383640343743_3976485045145083832_n


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