Shieldmaiden Attire

I’ve been pondering over shoes for some time – I’m not really one for heels but I noticed that a pair of red heels adorned with spikes in Scorpio in Newcastle that I’d been coveting for some time had been discounted by a substantial amount. They didn’t have my size unfortunately and I was strongly discouraged by a couple of people to not buy them due to the size of the heel – painful to walk in after only a small amount of time. Instead, I started looking online for a pair of heeled Doc Martens – although slightly put off by the price (£125), I returned to Scorpio only to be faced with the same issue again: they didn’t have my size and weren’t planning on getting more of those boots in for some time. I was a little miffed actually that Scorpio disappointed me on this front on two occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I will always shop there but nevertheless I didn’t really feel like I mattered to them as a customer as on two occasions they had essentially spurned an opportunity for me to spend quite a lot of money.

Anyway – someone I follow on tumblr posted a photo of themselves wearing some platformed shoes from H&M that were space themed; a crescent moon, some stars and the colours of the galaxy. When I popped in and tried them on though I thought they looked too clunky and immature for me so instead I turned my eyes to some other heeled boots. As soon as they were on my feet, I was in love. Platforms with a large heels that are surprisingly comfy and perfect to add a different edge – as well as inches – to my outfits. I am in love and they were only £30!

Powerful leg and footwear!

Garters from Noctex
Shoes from H&M

~ Becca



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