Shieldmaiden Attire

I haven’t been feeling all that great about my outfits lately, hence the lack of posts. Plus being at work all the time leaves few days for me to actually dress like myself as opposed to my work uniform. I popped into Newcastle early last week though as I have been anxiously awaiting the advance of autumn and winter as H&Ms divided collection for those two seasons is always impeccable. I will be sharing some of their divided collection with you all at some point in the near future.

As soon as I arrived, I instantly had to resist trying on everything in the Divided section but after seeing an asymmetrical grey jumper on a mannequin, I knew I had to have it. I will undoubtedly be raiding H&M again in the near future and trying my hardest to not spend a small fortune. I am so excited for jumper weather and Winter Dark Fashion/Strega outfits I’ll be putting together.

Jumper from H&M
Garters from Noctex
Shoes from H&M

~ Becca


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