All The Hair

For years and years and years I have worn my hair in just three styles: ponytail, down, braids. And for ages I’ve been pissed off with how it often looks so lanky and flat up top whenever I wear it in these styles. So, in the past few days I’ve been working to master the messy bun.

I spent far too much time on YouTube, and too little time asking my Mum for help. But last night she came in mid video and offered some advice – which I took. After a few minutes of watching and following her lead, I almost had it mastered. One thing I’m still struggling with is getting those little tendrils of hair pulled out.

It’s so freaking exciting to be experimenting with my hair in ways that don’t need me to cut any of it off.

– Katie

me2_635797380037426457_Afterlight_Edit me3_635797380559448257_Afterlight_Edit


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