Morph Knitwear

I’ve been a huge fan of Morph Knitwear for some time – as a knitter myself, the work of Portland-based Angela is a never-ending source of inspiration for my own knits. Subdued colours in gentle shapes, chunky wool, hoods and draping garments are what you will find and be delighted by on her etsy. I will undoubtedly buy some of her available patterns at some point in the near future! Katie has featured her shapeshifter shawl before – so beautiful – and I have a lot of respect for the attitude she takes to her work; on her etsy, she states: ‘Knitting became my medium for self expression about a year beforehand, and as I progressed in creating cocoons of dark material for myself, I began to also discover who I am and what I can produce for those who feel similarly.’

I can’t think of a better word than “Cocoon” to describe how it feels to garb yourself in your own knitted creations.

~ Becca

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