Dark Fashion On Etsy : Gloves & Mittens

I had the best, most beautiful, most comfiest pair of mittens in the world. I bought them when I was in Iceland back in 2011 (The month I bought them was June. Yes, the rumours are true…you can have four seasons in an hour in that country.) and oh, how I loved them.

However, I think that sadly, they’re gone for good, so I’ve been on Etsy (yeah, I know, I pretty much live there) looking to see what I could find when I was struck by a brain wave. Why not start up a little series finding the best in dark fashion that Etsy has to offer? So ladies, that’s what I’m doing, and this here is the first offering. I hope you like my finds and don’t have cold hands this winter – support small, lady led business and buy their gloves and mittens!

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of keeping warm, Vargamor’s own Becca has recently set up shop on Etsy, selling her gorgeous knitted creations! Be sure to check her out at Woodbecca Creations.

– Katie

Mary’s Scand Knits
Anna Wool Magic
Karen Rao
Felter’s Journey





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