If I’m being perfectly honest, I’ve never bought myself perfume before. The last time I owned some I was fifteen and it was some awful, chemically smelling stuff from my mother. (She did have the best of intentions though!)

Nowadays I tend to stick with the Body Shop Body Mist with Shea or Brasil Nut (both of which I love) but I’m finding myself edging towards the offerings from Montreal based perfumery Lvnea. And how could I not when they’re offering such scents as Le Loup Blanc (The White Wolf), Ghost Pine and Frost Flowers?

I absolutely love it when Etsy sellers put time into crafting beautiful descriptions for their products, like this description of their Ghost Pine scent:

The captured scent of a foggy and damp forest on an overcast day. As the soft fog rolls around the tree trunks, it chills you to the bone and let’s you know, you are not alone.

An all natural perfume oil with over 20 botanical ingredients and a deep forest-like smell. An earthy and rich base with fresh crisp pine needles, wet leaves, moss, and wood.

The Ritual: roll a small amount on to pulse points and allow to air dry. 

That’s it…I’m going hunting under the sofa for fallen pennies and pounds, I need to smell of Ghost Pine.

p.s. I’ve just noticed that they do samples. I’m sorted!

– Katie






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