I Have A Confession : I Do Not Know How To Contour

It’s been a fucking long day but I wanted to get this post written and out there because this is something that is really doing my head in and I want to learn ASAP how to contour this face of mine, predominantly my cheekbones. (As you can see below, I have something of a square face…)


Contouring is something I’ve been wanting to learn how to do for fucking ages, but whenever I go on YouTube I’m always massively overwhelmed by the vast amounts of videos available on ‘how to contour pale skin,’ and, to be honest, I simply don’t know where the hell to start. I absolutely love the look that Darby Lahger achieves with contouring though. In my eyes, she achieves one of the best looks that I’ve seen.


If any of you lovely ladies have any tips or suggestions as to where I should start, please do comment and let me know!

– Katie





5 thoughts on “I Have A Confession : I Do Not Know How To Contour

  1. If you are good with art teach yourself. Actually screw that because you don’t really have to be good with arts, it just helps. Look for portrait photos and study them closely, observe where shadows fall and where the skin looks lighter. For example, right under the cheekbones a slight shadow falls, and on the forhead there isn’t anything to cast shadows so it’s usually a highlighted area. If you want you can study faces and take notes or even print them and circle the shadows and hightlights. Then you simply use makeup to recreate this on your face. You try to find the areas where you naturally have shadows/highlights even if they are not very pronounced. You enhance them either with foundation in different tones or a special contouring cream set, which you blend well, or broncer and very light concealer, which tends to look better but is harder to blend and can look unnatural. For pale faces imo less is more but a subtle enhancement can look very well. Be sure to check whether your face does better with cooler, warmer, or neutral tones. I’d say cool tones probably work best for you but it’s hard to tell from photos and I’m no professional. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Glad I could help you out ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want a good laugh google “clown contouring” – haha. But it does work, I’ve tried it.


  2. I usually do a big cheesy grin while I am contouring so I can get a rough idea of where my contour line should be and then I just blend until my heart is content. Also, if you contour your jawline it should soften your features nicely.

    One last thing! Check out Jamie Genevieve’s video on youtube on how to use Illamasqua’s Gel Sculpt, it looks like a really simple product to use – you might enjoy it!

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