I came to makeup and beautiful cosmetics relatively late; as a child, I was too preoccupied falling in rivers and pretending to be running around Middle Earth with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to think about makeup or taking care of my skin (rightfully so!). As a teenager, the most I’d bother with was mascara and occasionally moisturising my face. Anyway – it’s only been in the last few years I’ve started investing time and money in beautiful products to take care of my skin.

Discovering Lush has been almost a revelation for me; its gotten to the point where I have to resist buying virtually everything I can lay my hands on and sod the damage to my bank account… Suffice to say I will be reviewing more Lush products in the future.

I bought an Oatifix face mask for someone else but as it only has a two week shelf life and I wasn’t going to be seeing them for some time, I decided to use it for myself instead. I’ve never really bothered with face masks but I’m so glad I’m using them now! It has to be stored in the fridge, so when applied to my face it’s blissfully cold and smells so delicious I want to eat it. It’s easy to apply, feels amazing and makes my skin gently tingle to the point that I’m loathe to wash it off. Unfortunately, I’m still prone to breakouts on my face as my skin can be quite oily but this has virtually cleared up this problem completely!

Would highly recommend Oatifix and I will undoubtedly be experimenting with their other face masks in the future. I’d highly recommend Lush in general! That being said, however, I do intend on sending an email to their management at some point in the near future; I bought my mum a Lush boxset for Yule and I was dismayed when she opened it to find the box was full of polystyrene. Lush promote themselves as against animal testing and as sustainable and “green” – I was expecting the box to be packed with paper or cardboard shavings – and there is nothing green about polystyrene. If you’re going to promote yourself as Green – be green. Don’t use non sustainable, heavily polluting, petroleum-derived product to pack your boxes when there are so many green alternatives.

~ Becca



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