New contributor: Clara N. A

As Katie left Vargamor, two new contributors will post to this blog. One being  Lisa v. D.  as well as myself, Clara. I am an earth scientist, photographer, dog whisperer, hiker, tea connoisseur and craftswoman based in Sweden.

My main creative outlet is photography but I also turn my hand to drawing, painting, branding and other crafts from time to time. My creative works are mostly influenced by my profound love of the natural world, as well as its darker imprints by humanity; in the form of architecture and effigies. Growing up on the edge of a national park in England with a second home in the Swiss Alps, I have always been close to the countryside and since I was a child I have been in love with the moors, mountainous landscapes, the sea and the flora and fauna that dwell there. This eventually led me to my field of research, however beneath my scientific facade, my incessant artistic side still ravishes.


I find inspiration and escapism not only in nature, but also travelling, Nordic culture & lifestyle, music, literature, film, fashion/costume and my own emotions; all of which are somewhat intertwined and make my heart soar.

My adoration of everything Nordic, ethereal and macabre is also reflected in my fierce lust for dark fashion. I have a tendency of frequently finding myself scavenging the high street, eBay and second-hand stores to find more unusual clothing items with a dark edge and an essence of glamour. I indulge in discovering distinctive jewellery and accessories from independent designers or making my own unique pieces on occasion.

Through Vargamor, I hope to inspire fellow imaginative ladies who appreciate darker aesthetics – from imagery, crafts, clothing or makeup, to music and band recommendations. It is my hope that we can endorse female independent designers and underground musicians and also conjure a suite of thought provoking ideas to share, so that we can summon a network of like-minded creatives.

 In case you would like to find out more about what I do, you can find my photography work here:



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