Today I am listening to the immersive blackgaze music of Sylvaine, a talented Norwegian multi-instrumentalist whose music provokes shivers and the raising of hairs on the back of the neck.sylv

Sylvaine’s debut album “Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart” was self-released in 2014 and appealed to fans of post-genres with its essence of shoegaze and ethereal, nostalgic tones. Now, Sylvaine’s upcoming release “Wistful” presents a new level of strength to her discography, with perhaps less focus on her angelic vocals which are now more balanced with her raspy, raw shrieks. Judging from the previews of the album, its expression will be darker than the debut and more dynamic; combining ambient and dreamy sounds with energetic, heavier riffs and more groove.

The song “Earthbound” that you are about to experience here is one such preview from the forthcoming second album due for release via Season of Mist Records on the 13th May 2016.


With a guest appearance upon drums from Neige of Alcest for one of the tracks, I am eagerly anticipating its release and subsequent tour dates.




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