Charlotte Clark Designer Maker

A couple of weeks ago I acquired some of the imprinted china by Charlotte Clark Designer Maker. I chose a bat mug and, as I recently find myself kind of obsessed with anatomy, a mug with an anatomical heart print as well as the bunny money bank with the bunny’s skeleton on it. Although I initially wanted the bunny for Easter decorations, I’m sure it’ll be on display all year long.

Charlotte Clark Designer Maker

Here are some details…  Just note that the mugs got lovely little prints on their inside, too!

Charlotte Clark Designer Maker_details.png

In her online shop Charlotte Clark offers a whole anatomical teaset I am absolutely in love with…

The product description reads as follows: “the tea set shows the brain signalling thirst, the arm reaching out and picking up the cup, the mouth taking a sip and the liquid being ingested through the body.” The set consists of four cup and saucers as well as a bone china teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. You can buy the whole set for £ 150.00 or individual pieces.

Here are some more pieces of “curiously macabre designer china” made by the English Charlotte Clark. She also does custom orders!


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