Pill Jewelry

I’ve been following Pill Jewelry on Instagram for quite a while, contemplating buying a piece from time to time – until Jo Dalin, the designer behind the brand, launched her “The Bad Moon Rising” collection and I could not resist any longer. Now I can call the “Connected to the moon bracelet” my own!

Pill jewelry

With an expensive vacation coming up, I imposed a limit of one piece upon myself. Although I initially thought about getting the “Connected to the cresent moon” necklace (see below) I figured that since I hardly own any bracelets (yet many, many necklaces …) I should go for a bracelet instead. And I made the right choice! I simply love the oxidized, antiquish look! And I can still order a matching necklace some time later, ha ha …

Jo Dalin, who is based in Malmö, Sweden, draws inspiration from nature, and the themes of her collections often have a dark or occult touch to them.

Jo is currently working on a botanical collection, and I am very excited about this one, too, because I absolutely adore anything that reminds me of the drawings in old teaching books.

Lisa v. D.


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