Belated Greetings

First and foremost I must apologise for my absence from the site of late – I’ve moved house and it hasn’t been a slow, easy or stress-free process and I’ve been in a cycle of work/eat/sleep and just being rather lazy on my days off if I’m not organising more things for the flat. I must also apologise to the two new fellow contributors to the site, Lisa and Claire, for not being more active and not communicating as much as I should.

I can’t express how exciting it is to be welcoming (albeit a tad late) two new contributors to Vargamor. I love all of the content they’ve produced so far and I can see the three of us taking Vargamor forward towards something glorious and unique and expanding the site considerably further. It is a delight to work with two vastly interesting and passionate individuals.

Stuff is settling down now on my end so I intend to resume regular contributions to the site for all of our followers, old and new and those yet to discover us, to enjoy. The site is only going to get better so watch this space.

~ Becca


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