Zola Jesus


I absolutely idolise Zola Jesus; her vocals, music, outfits/style and vision projected through both her music and images. In my opinion she is in the elite of female artists of the current time.

Zola Jesus’ (real name Nika Roza Danilova) discography combines electronic, industrial, classical and lo-fi synth pop genres, resulting in a bombastic, raw and bold musical package. I simply cannot compare her to any other artist, but her work has been likened to Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and even Kate Bush.

I first discovered this lady during the release of her second full length album “Conatus” back in 2011. During her 2015 tour promoting her most recent album “Taiga”, she returned to Sweden and luckily for me, included my home town in her extensive list of European tour dates.

The gig took place at a very cosy venue and made for a very intimate show – yet her sheer energy and powerful performance brought the place to life. I was also honoured to meet Nika after the show, she is very humble and grounded.IMG_5267_Fotor


If you have not yet discovered the music of the Wisconsin-raised talent that is Zola Jesus, I urge you to not only check out her music but also photography and instagram presence; as her vision and view of nature and architecture certainly has a darker edge.









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