Product Review: Lush’s Ocean Salt

I’ve been meaning to do a proper product review for Lush’s Ocean Salt for some time. I have a skin condition known as Keratosis pilaris on my legs- it’s quite common in young people, particularly women and people with Celtic origins (YES!). It’s only been quite recently that I’ve encountered a lot more people with this particular condition which I’ve found quite reassuring as it’s something I’ve always tried to hide by rarely showing my bare legs in public. It’s something I’ve found somewhat frustrating because aside from this skin condition, I like my legs and I’d like to have the confidence to get them out on a more regular basis.

For those of you who haven’t encountered this skin condition before – basically your skin produces an excess amount of the protein keratin; it blocks the hair follicles causing your skin to become rough and to have a spotty appearance.

I developed this condition when I was in my teens and since then I’ve tried a lot of different things to make my legs feel smoother and look better. Nothing has helped more than Ocean salt. A combination of sea salt, lime, avocado butter, coconut oil and vodka (of all things!) are what makes this product special. The salt in particular is a wonderful and gentle abrasive which scrubs away all of the excess keratin making my skin feel beautifully smooth and soft. When I’ve had particularly bad breakouts on my face, I’ve used a tiny amount of Ocean Salt on my face – I use it very sparingly on those occasions as its slightly too abrasive for the skin on my face but nevertheless, it still helps. What I normally follow Ocean Salt with is a lovely coconut oil-based body butter which makes my skin feel even better. As I’ve ran out of my current supply of homemade body butter, I’ve just been using Norwegian Formula moisturiser which isn’t as good but still helps.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with Keratosis pilaris and anyone suffering from particularly dry skin. As with most Lush products, it isn’t particularly cheap at £14.95 per 250g and subsequently I try to ration it out for when my skin really needs it but nevertheless, it’s a brilliant product.

~ Becca

ocean salt




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