Emma Ruth Rundle

Ladies, I highly recommend you put some time aside to listen to Emma Ruth Rundle’s new album “Marked for Death”. I discovered LA born artist and musician some time ago when I discovered her band Marriage. Later, her solo career came to my attention when Alcest announced her as support for their 2016 USA tour. With themes of love and loss, her raw yet post-rock style has a seductive shoegaze edge to it with haunting vocals that seduce the listener. If you like reverb-drenched electric guitar with true feminine talent, Emma Ruth Rundle is your rising star to watch.


I had the pleasure of attending one of her shows in Sweden (supporting Wovenhand) and was completely blown away. Appearing on stage as a solo artist with a set list covering a balance of songs from her new release and previous record “Some Heavy Ocean”, Emma’s vocals gave me chills and I drifted to another place. I felt lucky to talk with Emma in person afterwards and have my copy of the album signed by the lady herself.


For those of you unfamiliar with her work, check out the following video and order a copy of her latest record !

Or the following links:







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