Preparing for Halloween

September onward has always been my favourite time of year; autumn is my favourite season by far. I’m eternally in love with the colourful trees, the sweet smell of decay, happily kicking my way through leaves like a child, the gentle embrace of colder weather and finally being able to get out the hats, scarves and big coats. It has my favourite events of the year – Halloween, bonfire night, my birthday and Yule of course.

This will be my first Halloween living with my boyfriend Mike and I’ve tried to find a small selection of decorations for our cosy flat as although we’re having a quieter celebration this year, I still wanted to make the extra effort as I love Halloween.

Our front room is already arguably a bit “Spooky” and “Odd” anyway due to our current ornaments and choice of artwork – antlers, bones, postcards of ethereal landscapes, preserved insects and dried flowers are just a selection of things that adorn our little living space.

As with most other decorations, I find a lot of stuff to be just tat; a waste of time, money and valuable resources (cough, plastic, cough) but I’m quite proud of what I’ve managed to hunt down this year. I nipped into a shop called Tiger when I noticed they had Halloween decorations (Tiger is a bizarre and eclectic shop full of all sorts of things, some useful, some not) and picked up some little Pumpkin fairy lights and some simple bat bunting. I think I’ll be hunting down more bat bunting as now the living room looks amazing. We went on a little hunt for one or two more items to add to our decor today but mostly just encountered more rubbish but I’ll see what else I can find in the run up to Halloween to make the flat that little bit spookier! Perhaps more bat bunting, some fake cobwebs, a few pop-up ghosts, a skeleton and of course, we’ll be carving pumpkins.

~ Becca


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