DIY Face Serum

I suffer from dry skin, particularly during the colder months of the year. During this time, I provide my skin with some extra hydration through doing hydrating face masks twice a week (e. g. Lush’s Oatifix), and I also use a face serum before going to bed. The best part is – you can easily make such a face serum at home. You don’t need many ingredients or any special skills.


Here’s my recipe, which you can easily adjust to your individual needs. Just try it and find out what’s best for your skin.

To begin with, you need a small bottle with pipet, which you can purchase from every pharmacy for just a couple of Euros/Dollars/Pounds. Make sure it’s sterilized before using it! Then fill it up with …
1. Carrier Oil (2/3): sweet almond oil
2. Exotic Oil (1/3): evening primrose oil
3. Essential Oil (5 extra drops): lavender oil
Blend well and you’re all set!

Apply 2 – 3 drops of the face serum to your face and neck before going to bed. You can use it alone or apply your regular moisturizer afterwards.

Instead of sweet almond oil you could also use olive oil (if you have dry, but no acne-prone skin), jojoba oil (normal to combination skin), or grape seed oil (oily skin). You can also switch the essential oil to any other kind you like. I prefer lavender oil for its soothing characteristics, yet other oils such as wild rose oil or even more herbal scents like rosemary would work just as fine, I think.

When shopping for ingredients, please make sure to buy good quality. The oils should be cold pressed and organic. I personally shop at eNaissance, for I think there you get quite good quality for a reasonable pricing.

Lisa v. D.


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