Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery

I was on the hunt for a new perfume and since I wanted something handmade with all natural ingredients I checked Etsy for small perfumer’s shops. I came across Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery and after browsing through the many scents offered eventually placed an order. Just the day before yesterday my order arrived at my doorstep and what can I say? I’m truly enchanted!

Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery is a one-woman-enterprise run by Moi Yggdottir and based in Prague. Moi’s perfumes are made of 100 % natural ingredients – “pure essential oils and absolutes of the highest quality, handmade tinctures and infusions, and contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives”. Further, she describes her perfumes as “colored in the occult”, which – at least in me – evokes the image of a wise, mystic women mixing ingredients according to ancient, long-forgotten rituals. This woman holds a secret power, which she shares with those wearing her creations.

One thing I surely do dislike about ordering perfume online is that you can’t try out the different scents before deciding for one. And when ordering a bunch of samples (which are offered at Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery!) you usually still have to pay quite a bit for international shipping. Moi, however, solves this problem by providing her customers with the most detailed product descriptions. These go far beyond listing the ingredients and different notes of the scent – Moi comes up with a beautiful little story that takes you on a little journey to a place where you can actually smell the perfume you’re about to order. And I must say it worked pretty well, for the perfumes I ordered really do all smell exactly how I expected them to.

So here’s what I ordered (please note the beautiful packaging!):

A set of “Hypnos and Thanatos”
This set comes with a 7 ml vial of the “Hypnos” botanical perfume and 5 g of “Thanatos” solid perfume. Both scents can be worn alone, but are designed for layering. Because I am not able to phrase this any better than Moi herself, I might just quote her description:

“Hypnos is the world of dreams, where anything and everything can happen. Where you can fly with butterflies and sleep under a blanket of rose petals. Where you just soar on the buzzing of honeybees. This perfume is a pure floral symphony .
Hypnos is a soft yet rich floral perfume, a hypnotic bouquet of jasmine, roses, narcissus and gardenias creating an embracing feeling of a warm bed of patchouli, cedar, vetiver and sandal and the sweetest dreams.
Thanatos, is the eternal rest, the perpetual world where everything has happened already and everything keeps happening still. It is reaping the fruits of your laber and finally coming to a halt. It is a peaceful vacuum.
Thanatos is an earthy scent that begins with ashes and smoke, distant rose petals and ylang, a feeling of incense that has been burning for too long, a pyre that has almost burned out. When the ashes settle and smoke clears a more nutty scent rises with notes of almond, tonka and hint of walnut to form a silky bed of vanilla, balsams and saffron.”

Heresy perfume oil

Just like Hypnos, the “Heresy” perfume oil came in a lovely handmade Czech glass bottle with a glass applicator.

“Imagine ancient sects meeting in secret to study the more obscure laws of the universe, the arcane, the esoteric and the occult. The temple hall is shrouded in flickering shadows and dancing candle light and filled with the heavy scent of incense and smoke. Its walls are covered in ancient symbols that were unknowingly ripped from the collective unconscious or the fabric of the universe itself by someone somewhere and now are used to teach the followers the language of secrets.”

This image is created by the “rich, deep fragrance of incense, myrrh, copal, labdanum and styrax blended with soft sandalwood, cedar and balsams, combined with earthy and damp scents of oakmoss and galbanum with just a hint of saffron fresh jasmine blossoms, rose and gardenia.”

Perfume locket with solid perfume “Hel”
Last thing I ordered is this vintage brass locket with the solid perfume “Hel” (named after the Norse goddess ruling Helheim, the underworld). When ordering a perfume locket at Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery, you can choose out of 25 different scents and then carry your favourite wherever you go. The solid perfumes are “made of a special blend that contains only 30% organic czech beeswax, in combination with shea and cocoa butter and almond oil, making them not only beautifully fragrant, but also nurturing for the skin!”
I opted for “Hel”, one of the scents in the Norse Gods perfume collection, “an interpretation in scent of the characters of some of the deities in the Norse pantheon.” Although “Hel” is a rather floral scent (with jasmine and ylang ylang), there is still something earthy, woody lingering underneath the floral notes that makes me truly enjoy this perfume. I wore this locket when going out on Friday night and caught myself opening it and smelling the perfume just because I like it so much!

If you’re curious now, go check out Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery on Etsy, and also make sure to follow on Instagram and Facebook.
For other reviews on botanical, natural perfumes go read Katie’s articels on LVNEA and For Strange Women.

Lisa v. D.


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