I got in contact with the lady behind WolfTea quite some time ago with the intention of interviewing her – she is understandably a busy woman and I haven’t heard from her since but I have been gnawing at the bit to talk about her beautiful work.

Based in Washington, Wolftea is a husband and wife duo than has been on the go for the past 3 years. They make a wide array of beautiful jewellery crafted from discarded or overlooked items, bones, animal remains and whatever they manage to find from a rummage through thrift shops and garage sales.

I first encountered Wolftea through tumblr and was first exposed to the notion of ‘Vulture Culture’ something I have strongly adopted in the meantime. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it is the collecting bones and general animal remains for use in taxidermy, bone collections or creative endeavours like jewellery. Unlike many other blogs I follow, I will often seek out Wolftea specifically to admire their photography; the composition of many of the images just captivates me and leaves me lusting after the discarded skulls of animals. So much thought and dedication has gone into the photos they share – I feel so inspired after a look through their pages. I would love – however unrealistic and rude – to explore their living space and the area around where they live as it seems like a bone-collectors heaven.

Their jewellery is wonderfully eclectic and unique; no two pieces are the same and items sell out at remarkable speed. There is often an air of simplicity to some items but please understand, I don’t mean this as a criticism. In their own words: “The reason behind using salvaged materials is that each bead, each bone or each charm has its own history to contribute both aesthetically and energetically. As you wear,display or gift these creations to new homes, you are enriching the history already embedded within.”

It is with a heavy heart that I cannot order any of their bone-related items from the shop due to shipping regulations but perhaps I will purchase one of their many other stunning pieces.

I would highly recommend not just looking at their items but also their Tumblr – it is a place of beauty and everlasting inspiration for anyone who loves nature/bones and shares their affinity for coffee and creating beautiful living spaces. I’m also an absolute sucker for a good stamp – they make their own.

wolftea stamps.jpg

I will also briefly express frustration that it was very difficult to pick just a small selection of photos for this post – I find everything so consistently inspiring and beautiful I wanted to feature everything!

~ Becca




One thought on “Wolftea

  1. We just stumbled across this, and cannot express how wonderfully flattered we are ❤ Even after we were unable to keep in touch, you still shared kind words and shared our manifestations.
    You have made our hearts full ❤
    Please email us at wolfteacreations@gmail.com and let us send a thank you package your way.
    much love and as always, coffee cheers to you from the woodlands xox
    _ bryan and casey


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