Osteal Shop Updates

I talked about Osteal Jewellery quite some time ago when I ordered some of her beautiful products online (You can find that post here) and today I just wanted to talk about some of her most recent shop additions.

Based in the Pacific North West, Amanda Langston makes earthy talismans made from bones, copper, antlers and crystals. I follow Amanda closely on instagram and enjoy keeping up to date with her posts about her daily life, outfits and creative outlets. There are times when I find social media sincerely oppressive and unpleasant but her photos are refreshing, earthy and gratifying to observe. Undoubtedly I will probably try to interview her in the near future so watch this space – with this in mind, I won’t be discussing Osteal thoroughly in this post and will reserve that for an interview.

Recently, Osteal has started selling patches. They are modest but powerful messages that I would proudly display on a backpack when out wandering the wilds.


She has also recently released this Respect the Wilderness pendant – the elemental symbol for earth encircled by antlers. Simple but beautiful. Let me be clear though – I do not use the word “Simple” as an insult or condescension; although there is so much complexity in nature, there are times when simple things hold beauty – a smooth cool, stone taken from a riverside, dead leaves, sunlight through a forest canopy… simple but beautiful.


~ Becca


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