Maude Nibelungen

The knitted works of Maude Nibelungen are certainly something to covet for your dark fashion wardrobe – based in Montreal, Canada, all items are handmade by Maude herself combining traditional crafting techniques with modern designs.

What I like about Maude’s work is the variation between each garment – her oversized jumper designs are unconventional and unusual, her lingerie designs are revealing and yet concealing at the same time. The time and dedication that must go into the design and making of each product is admirable and I enjoy following her on instagram as a constant source of inspiration for my own knitted creations. I love seeing her works in progress – close ups of intricate cables or webs of wool being formed into a garment.

One thing I find rather different about Maude’s work is it’s not uniform and flawless – as I knitter I can spot “mistakes” or irregularities in a pattern. Whether or not these should be indeed dubbed “mistakes” is subjective; most knitted items we encounter on the highstreet are made by machines – so of course, they’re flawless. But this isn’t what hand knitting is. I can spend hours upon hours working on a knitted item and carefully follow a pattern or whatever but it will not look 100% perfect or uniform and no two items will look the same and there’s something charming and wonderful about that. After a small hunt around for more information about Maude I came across her facebook bio which explains this rather beautifully:

“Officially since 2010 I’ve been turning my demons into knitwear. I love the texture possibility range that knitting allows. Matter and anti-matter dancing on the skin.
Every garment is handmade and unique, although I follow a certain pattern I like every piece to have its own traits, unevenness and character. I don’t think uniform and plastic looking is perfect. As in nature, things can only be so perfect because of the way they are: unique, full of details and soul.”

I had a hard time tracking down many photos of her work to show you – she has released numerous collections (including a boudoir collection!) that are no longer available and I didn’t want to just pillage her instagram. Her lingerie/boudoir collections intrigue me; I love the simplicity and transparency and her use of colour – dark fashion doesn’t always have to be in dark colours!

I would highly recommend following Maude; she strikes me as an unusual young woman and her designs are intriguing and unlike anything else you will encounter in the world of knitters. Fellow knitters – go have a look at her WIPs – they will instil envy.

~ Becca



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