On my hunt for natural perfumes, I also stumbled upon Exoskeletons on Etsy. Exoskeletons is a small brand for all natural, hand-made apothecary. Its owner, Jess, lives in Minnesota, USA, and handcrafts all the scents, balms and potions by herself, aiming at creating “hidden worlds through scent, texture, and experience”. The worlds Jess creates are surely dark, yet not sinister, but full of a beautifully soothing and healing atmosphere … like a walk in a deserted forest, after rainfall, right when dusk is falling.


“Exoskeletons was inspired by the concept of shelled mollusks, crabs, grasshoppers, and other creatures that have supportive and protective mechanisms to shield them from the world. As humans, we only have our internal skeleton, so we construct an exoskeleton using clothing, jewelry, scent, and imagery to protect our delicate insides.”


The first item I ordered was the Black Forest Smudge Spray. The product description reads as follows:
“A mysterious and sacred mist made by infusing organic and wildcrafted essential oils into a base of hydrosol. It can be used for scent, meditation, and skin health. Featured Notes: pine needles, black spruce, oakmoss, and nagarmotha. Like being lost in a dark, mossy forest.”
Since I’m still having kind of a hard time with solid perfumes (guess I’m just so very used to perfume sprays), I really wanted to try this smudge spray. I apply it to my skin and hair, just like you would do with any perfume, and the smell is just amazing! There is this large forested mountain range in Southern Germany that is called black forest and although I have never been there (yet!), this is what I imagine it must smell like when hiking there.


Second, I ordered a sample of the Dream Salve: “Wild crafted mugwort has been infused in coconut oil for months, strained, then infused again. It is combined with a powerful blend of essential oils to provide rest and healing for the body (it even helps a little with pain). The oil is infused with white sage leaves and amethyst, perfect for evening meditations.“
Since I often have trouble with falling asleep or sleeping through the night, I was curious to try this. I have tried other salves before, or put scent infused healing stones on my bed stand, but I must say this salve works best for me so far. I find the scent very soothing, and it’s also very gentle to your skin (other salves have caused blemishes on my temples, for example, but nothing like that happened when using the Exoskeletons Dream Salve). I’m already sorry I did not order a full size!


The Pine Cone Botanical Solid Scent came as a free sample. And I’m in love with it! It features “layered forest notes of oakmoss, sweet pine needles, and spruce. Hints of botanical ambergris and eaglewood with a trace of cognac.” It goes very well with the Black Forest Smudge Spray, and I sometimes even use both at the same time!

The only downer for me, personally, is: Ordering in the US means paying custom fees … Of course this is not to blame on the seller, yet I always have to add an extra 19 percent to the total of the order and try to order several items at once to save on shipping costs – both making it kind of expensive. But the products by Exoskeletons are absolutely worth it and I’d absolutely order again!

Lisa v. D.


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