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Instagram is still a never-ending source of inspiration to me and just the other day its explore page lead me to Lunation Leathers, which sells beautiful hand-crafted hair accessories. Based in Pennsylvania, it is operated by Leia Churchel and her husband Kevin. They are both very much inspired by the dark and macabre side nature, yet their designs come with a twist, as Leia’s admiration for Art Noveau – which I share, btw! – has an impact on the designs as well.

“Each piece is influenced by natural curves of the wild and hints of Art Nouveau can be seen through out.” Lunation Leathers

The hair slides by Lunation Leathers are truly handmade, from drafting to carving, dying, stitching … even the pins are hand-forged! Also, the leather that is used is partly ethically sourced (it is stated in the product description if this applies).

Leia herself describes her love for leather as follows:

“I had always loved the smell of leather when Id walk into boot stores and biker shops ….. those are memories that stick out from my childhood almost like fresh baked cookies only leather! I found my infatuation in an Antique mall in the middle of nowhere wondering what an old piece of furniture was. After some research I found out it was a stitch horse used for saddle making & I was hooked from then on out. With leather I was finally able to connect death with a form of rebirth. Making a new piece from something that had died solidified my love of leather…” Leia Churchell, Lunation Leathers

I really understand what Leia means by regarding her creations as giving new life to something that was dead. I feel the same about taxidermy, which I am a ambitious collector of, but until now it had never occured to me that this may apply to leather as well.

Anyway, there has just been a shop update last Sunday (February 26th), and the hair slides are going fast … but Lunation Leathers frequently updates its shop.

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🖤Nevermore🖤 . "….If only I had feathered wings, that could bend and curve and reach, beyond imagined dreams, unhindered by the weight of earth…" . @adriennerozzi looks stunning in this photo paired with the nevermore slide and a raw brick wall…. Adrienne has continuously shown so much kindness and wisdom in our friendship.. I'm thankful to have someone who finds joy in a lot of the things I do as well and to have such a creative mind that I can bounce ideas off of… or simply just get excited about architectural beauty and gnarled decay …. She is the mastermind behind @poisonappleprintshop and I'm so grateful for the things we learn and geek out about! And here we have proof of her amazing photo taking skills! . . 🖤🥀🖤 . . #leatherwork #edgarallanpoe #quoththeraven #darkfashion #witchy #darkfashion #hairslide #tooledleather #hairbarrette #leatherbarrette #leathercarving #leathertooling #leather #leatherart #leatherdye #leathercraft #vintageleather #wilderness #soaring #witch #gothic #handforged #forgedmetal #blacksmith #leatherporn #raven #alternativexfashion

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🖤Mafdets Skull🖤 . "….Thou art the Great Cat, the avenger of the gods, and the judge of worlds, and the president of the sovereign chiefs and the governor of the holy Circle…" (Inscription on the Royal Tombs at Thebes) . The first Egyptian feline god was Mafdet…As a feline goddess she was thought to protect against venomous bites…The more well-known goddess Bastet took Mafdet’s place as a guardian of Lower Egypt – the pharaoh and the sun god Ra….Bastet was considered a personification of the sun herself with her chief shrine at the site of Bubastis in Egypt…. . 3 of these feline skulls will be available Sunday at 7pm EST … this slide is a tad smaller than my normal pieces and would work great in finer hair… 👁😸👁

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 ~ Lisa v. D.


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