Rebekka Karijord

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favourite female musicians: Rebekka Karijord live in concert at the Victoria Theatre in Malmö, Sweden. The show was enchanting, with a setlist consisting of her new album “Mother Tongue” as well as older material! Furthermore, this particular venue was a great setting for an intimate show and very cosy with a “picnic concert” concept whereby you could bring your own food and drink to sit and dine together by candlelight!

Rebekka Karijord is a Norwegian born, Rebekka+KarijordSwedish based musician and composer whose music is an eclectic mix of post classical, electronic and avant pop; bound together with Karijord’s signature haunting yet angelic vocals.

After creating music for over 30 films, theatre & dance performances, Karijord recorded “The Noble Art of Letting Go” in 2009. It was three years after its release that I first discovered this siren, when she provided this album as the soundtrack to the Cirkus Cirkör show “Wear it like a Crown”.  Whilst I was not lucky enough to see the show first hand in Stockholm, it was filmed and later broadcast live at cinemas in several cities across Sweden and so I decided to attend. I was captivated by the performances and dark undertones of wearing your fears and failures with pride.…. But it was the music that made it even more special.

© Manu forti Photography

Karijord’s vocals are hauntingly pure with harmonies reminiscent of Sinead O’Connor and Enya. Her previous discography is much more dark and forlorn. However, her recently released fifth album “Mother Tongue” is receiving some well-deserved recognition. Being a concept album whose theme is entering the realm of motherhood, it is certainly a soul touching album highlighting one of the most life-changing and powerful moments: the birth of life. Documenting the premature birth of her firstborn, “Mother Tongue” is certainly an emotive piece of art in its own right and an ode to any mother and child. Karijord’s song writing and oscillation between genres throughout this record makes for a very unique and deeply personal album. After such a bold and narrative piece in Karijord’s career, I await her future releases with great anticipation.



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