Sabat Magazine: The Crone Issue

After finding myself enthralled by Sabat Magazine’s second issue, The Mother Issue, I could not wait for the third one, The Crone Issue, to come out and be delivered to my doorstep (along with the reprint of the first issue, The Maiden Issue).

It was eventually delivered last Friday, and on Sunday I found the time to sit down and, well, devour it in ONE. SINGLE. SITTING. I even feel a bit sorry for this, for the magazine is way to beautifully made up and its articles are way to beautifully written – both taking up many hours of hard work – that  it feels kind of wrong to swallow it all up in just a couple of hours. But I know I would not simply store it away in my bookshelf afterwards, but revisit its articles and featured photography many more times …

Crone Issue_1

“Embodying a life lived, she [the crone] is wisdom and audacity, the sacred trickster and dignified doyenne, and perhaps most terrifyingly, past caring about patriarchal proprieties. The one who stands boldly with her lantern in the night, her truth and experience are destroyers of illusion, and not for the faint-hearted. When we are close to an end she asks us: “do you want to fight harder or just let go?” identifying them both as viable options.” Elisabeth Krohn in her Editor’s letter

What I like most about the Triple Goddess theme of the Sabat magazines is that I tend to identify myself with a lot of topics addressed in them. I think no matter how old we are (though age is nothing but a number, anyway), I think there is a bit of the Maiden, a bit of the Mother, and a bit of the Crone in every woman.

Turning thirty this year and having just detected a first swatch of white hair at my left temple, I have started thinking about ageing quite a bit myself. How mature am I? What have a accomplished? Where will life take me from here? I feel like I have barely reached a point in my life where I have truly accepted who I am, yet I start changing again, getting fine lines around my eyes — imprints life – the times I laughed, the times I cried – has left on me. Can I let go? Accept not only the person I have become, but also the person I will become, as the bottom of the hour-glass is continually filling with more and more sand, leaving the top part increasingly empty? I feel like with every answer I come up with, another question pops up again.


Before diving deep into the magazine, I first thumbed through the pages to find out what I have to look forward to. Just like with the Mother Issue, I am surprised by the number of angles the subject of the Crone is looked at. For example, I would have never expected to find an article about the Addam’s Family!

Anyway …. here are some of my favourite stories:

Crone Issue_2

I was amazed to find the first article of the Crone Issue to be about cemetery dwelling! It is written by Aviv Grimm (@grimvr). I just wish it was longer!

Crone Issue_3Crone Issue_4

See what they did with those cut-outs? 🙂

This article by Pam Grossman introduces different crones that can be found in folklore and (popular) culture, and, in doing so, Pam works her way forward to her very own definition of what becoming/being a crone means to her.

“(…) my twilight years can be teeming with deep beauty, radical wisdom, and peculiar grandeur. (…) The crone holds up her torch with radiant, wrinkled hands. She guides us through the darkness, ever forward, ever free.”

I found Pam’s article so powerful! In my point of view, she really nails the definition of the Crone, and at the same time it leaves enough space for everbody to add a personal interpretation.

Crone Issue_5

I really do like that Sabat Magazine is as much about photographs and illustrations as it is about essays. The pages filled with intriguing pictures really give the reader some time to process what they have just read, and soak up the visual language. Here you can see photography by the ever so talented Nona Limmen, whose photographic work I have been admiring for a long time now. The female figures she depicts are always very strong and bewitching, yet enigmatic and challenge the gaze of the viewer.

Crone Issue_6

Also, you can see the edge printing in this picture. Depending on how you look at the edge, it reads “In erebos phos – – in darkness light”.

Crone Issue_7

I’m really interested in herbal medicine and the healing powers of nature, so I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview with April Graham. I did not know her (or her YouTube series Ask A Herbalist) before, and I strongly recommend to everybody interested in this field to check it out. April Graham seems to be someone who has gained strength from the obstacles she had to overcome in life, and when I read the interview, I could hear ancient wisdom talking.

Crone Issue_8

This artice by Jenna Opsahl (and with haunting photography by Laura Makabresku) deals with all diferent kinds of signs of an imminent end, and how to deal with superstitions like this.

Crone Issue_9

The Crone is also looked at from an astrological point of view.

“The crone is the waning crescent and the unseen new moon. The crone knows death is a part of life. She knows death is illusionary to spirit. In this aspect the crone is much more than the dark of the moon – she is Saturn, the primal mother Goddess, she who gives birth to the manifested universe.” David Zunker, “Go Your Own Way”

Crone Issue_10

The end.


A triptych: Maiden, Mother, Crone – the Triple Goddess. The trilogy is complete, yet I hope this is not the end …

Crone Issue_11

All three Sabat Magazines are still avaiable at

~ Lisa v. D.


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