From the Cryptic Closet

Today’s outfit is pretty basic: I combined a tank top with a cropped sweater because a) it’s still waaaay to cold for only wearing a tank top, and b) I don’t feel quite comfortable about myself in neither sleeveless tops nor cropped tops on their own anyway. So this is the perfect combo for me!

When it comes to tops, I just LOVE everything that is somehwat asymetric, comes with side tails or stuff like that. What I don’t like, as you can tell, is ironing ….

Also, the cropped sweater – which is very lightweight and thus perfect for spring – has thumb holes. I would really like this, if sleeves (in general) weren’t always way to long for me.


Tank top, cropped top, jeans – basically everything but the shoes: H&M
Shoes: New Yorker

~ Lisa v. D.


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