Hag Club

I came across Hag Club (“For hags of all persuasions”) when I saw a giveaway post on instagram; although she makes a range of different products from patches to tote bags to bandanas, it was her underwear line which particularly captivated me.

My personal favourite was her “Double Trouble” briefs and I found the product description wonderfully feminist and empowering: “Double Trouble snake head design. These are pretty great for when you’re bleeding. They help navigate the mire of period angst and are black as well, so you can bleed all over them!”

hag club

Despite my usual pathways of tracking down her Etsy and her official website, I could find very little information about the creator herself other than that she was based in Australia. I would, however, like to share her own words about Hag Club:

“Hag Club is for you. This club was created as a way to encourage bad assery, disobedience and collective collusion. Hag Club is more than just a brand or a little print shop. It’s a way of identifying. Society tells us that we are worthless if we don’t abide by acceptable respectable standards and adhere to the status quo. Hag’s say no. We are the ones who disobey. We are the ones who proudly sprout our chin hairs whilst ritualistically hammering nails into baseball bats, ready for any fuckboys within range. See someone else with a hag club patch and know that they have your back…”

Encouraging women to be strong and rejecting the patriarchy is a powerful and admirable message from any creator and I cannot help but admire this woman and her firm feminist message. I need some of these undies in my life.

hag club 2hag club 1hag club 3

~ Becca


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