Ritual Remains

I absolutely love earrings – despite my inconsistency in wearing them – but I find it immensely difficult to find earrings I like and want to wear. Osteal has always been a big favourite of mine for making beautiful earrings and jewellery in general so I was over the moon when I stumbled across Ritual Remains – “adornment inspired by nature”.

I was initially a bit disheartened when I thought they only made earrings for stretched ears but was relived that they offer wire versions as well for those with “regular” pierced ears.

Ritual Remains was founded by California-based Helen back in 2014 and was joined by Tavo who shared her passion for jewellery and nature:

“They are heavily inspired by nature and grew up in a rural area watching coyotes hunt from the kitchen window.”

I am absolutely in love with the mountain hoop earrings – just stunning. I’d be proud to wear something so beautiful in my ears. Truly unique items.

That being said, their other earrings are equally stunning and the detailing is so intricate – the little bat and the deer skulls are just flawless.

As always, anything inspired by nature fills me with joy and I will be diligently saving up some pennies to buy my own mountain earrings.

~ Becca


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