The Norwegian Saga

As a knitter myself, I’m a sucker for knitwear; I follow so many knitting bloggers and instagrams so I have a constant source of inspiration and so I can gawp like an idiot at the skills of others. The Norwegian Saga was another one of my instagram discoveries; in addition to the earthy knitwear she makes, she also makes some rather beautiful and unconventional wall hangings.

Shop owner, Trude Bentsop, is based in Norway and her creations are ultimately inspired by nature:

“I weave, crochet, knit, and paint. And I do so with a lot of passion. Every piece I make, whether it’s a knitted piece of clothing or a woven wall hanging, is inspired by mother nature’s beauty. It can be the shape of a tree or the color of the leaves, in one way or another you can find a piece of nature in my creations.”

As I’m sure our followers will have noticed by now, I have a very definite weakness for anything nature orientated as an environmentalist and all-round nature lover myself. Many of her products are made from 100% Norwegian wool (which is considerably greener than any man made fibre derived from fossil fuels and considerably more ethical) and wood she has found in the forest.

Her knitwear seems to reflect the colours and moods of the landscapes she lives in; deep earthy greens and reds alongside snowy whites and greys. Clearly a woman whose work reflects her love of nature.



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