Interview: Niantiel Eos from Forever Animal

Forever Animal is a new brand by jewelry designer Niantiel Eos from Athens, Greece. Her designs are very minimal, with a clean, direct form, and they are both bold and elegant at the same time.

Nianthel Eos mainly uses suede* and rope for her creations, which I personally find very appealing, for these materials do feel very differently on your body than silver or gold do – they adjust their form to that of your body, and they do not have that cold, metallic feeling to them.

(*Vegan options are also avaiable)

Also, most pieces of jewelry by Forever Animal are named after strong women or even Godesses. For instance, there is this seductive red choker that is a tribut to fellow  designer Betony Vernon. Or take the bracelet “Manasā”, which refers to the Hindu folk goddess of snakes, worshipped “for the prevention and cure of snakebite and also for fertility and prosperity”. With such a back-story in mind, the jewelry by Forever Animal becomes more than a mere accessory, it becomes a means of empowerment.

I had the chance to speak to Niantiel Eos about the concept behind her jewelry line.

Eo S.
A self-portrait by Niantiel Eos

For starters – tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from?
Well, more or less I don’t know really who I am yet but I suppose I am just another bizarre “δαίμων” (the ancient – greek word for “demon” is also used to describe a “free spirit” or a “soul/spirit”) wandering into this world, hah. I am currently graduating from university as a psychologist and I hope that in one year I will also graduate from a second university with a Religious Studies degree. I was always fascinated by the human mind; Psychology and Theology are one of the main pillars for understanding – even partly – the abyss of the human mind.
I am 22 – but I definitely do feel older. I always did.
I am from Athens, Greece. Of of the most “blue” countries in the world. The country, which is loved by God Helios (Sun) himself over the centuries.

Top left: bracelet “Manasā”; top right: necklace “Triodia”
Bottom left: bracelet “Izanami-no-Mikoto”; bottom right: necklace “Melinoe”

When and why did you start making jewelry?
Mainly because I wanted to express my creativity. I had many ideas for jewelry and I still have. The first collection of “Forever Animal” is just the beginning. I am certainly an amateur but I will fight to do my best not only to make my thoughts actually real but also to share it with others, that appreciate them as I do.

Top left: choker “Janus”; top right: choker “Kali”
Bottom left: necklace “Ita”; bottom right: choker “Iokasti”

What material(s) do you use and why?
I use cotton or rayon rope, Suede (Leather), and a kind of Ultrasuede mainly because this is closer to my style and because I felt that Ultrasuede could be used more in jewelry due to the fact that people that didn’t want to wear or use Leather couldn’t find many products.

Left: rings “Arsu und Azizos”; right: bracelet “Genesis”

What is the concept behind your jewelry collection?
It’s a chaotic concept but the main idea was to create minimal and chic jewelry with character, with a unique story – as their owners. I love simplicity and chic and bold objects and this is what I am trying to bear right now through my jewelry.

Left: ear rings “Eye of Horus”; right: bracelet “Gilou”

Your jewelry label is called “Forever Animal”. What does this mean to you?
This particular phrase has two meanings for me, which – both of them – are really important. One of them is that “Forever Animal” is a phrase firstly spoken by the master Austin Osman Spare. In 1936 an official at the German Embassy in London bought a self-portrait by Spare because it bore a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer saw it and agreed and proceeded to invite Spare to Berlin to paint his portrait. Spare refused, replying “Only from negations can I wholesomely conceive you. For I know of no courage sufficient to stomach your aspirations and ultimates. If you are superman, let me be forever animal”. For me this particular phrase shows the ultimate resistance, freedom, the ultimate humanity and power through the magic of the true Self. Spare truly was “Δαίμων” and this particular phrase says a lot more to those who know who he was. Moreover, this particular phrase hit my heart from the moment I first read about it. It was instant and I embraced it without thinking much. The name of the shop is just a “catch phrase” but for me is something far more than this.
More info:

Left: choker “Vernon”; right: choker “Lamia”

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Well, I would say mainly from: Anu Tera, Hvnter Gvtherer, Aumorfia, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Zana Bayne, and Betony Vernon. I don’t think that I could ever reach their level but nevertheless I think that trying is always good – a great chance to develop your ideas and creativity, to follow even your smallest dreams. Who knows…

What do you do besides jewelry making?
I am a psychologist but I also spend my days with tons of books; reading, travelling, researching, composing music, discovering music, enjoying music etc.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?
As we say in Greece: “God see us planning about the future and laughs…” – if we consider this metaphorically I totally agree. Although it’s good to plan the near future. The only plans I have for now are more or less about my studies and research. Considering the shop; I would definitely like to take my time and develop it as far as it can go. A new collection will be launched very soon and I hope it goes well. I might also use metal this time. We will see how it goes.

~ Lisa v. D.


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