Ghost Light Gallery

Under the name of “Ghost Light Gallery” New Orleans based Jamie Winn creates truly mesmerizing wood automaton art. Her art is like watercolour pictures that have come to life. The artworks move thanks to some tricky mechanization – and they also move the viewer, on an emotional level. Jamie’s designs are reminiscent of one’s favourite childhood fairy tales, and the repetitive movements are hypnotizing to watch. But I do want to spare you a lengthy description that would never do justice to her work anyway, so see for yourselves:

All pieces are handpainted, sawn and equipped with custom lighting by Jamie, who describes her artistic endeavour as follows:

“Many of the things I have created are deeply rooted in my childhood and have mostly been visible through my automata work. I strive to create things that force the viewer to use both sides of the brain- appreciating the obvious artwork and then through the moving mechanisms, attempting to discover how it is working. I’m trying to push the boundaries of self discovery both for my art appreciators and myself. That is my goal.”
Artist Jamie Winn about her work

If you want more of this magic, go check Jamie’s instagram page or YouTube channel.

BTW – Jamie is also the owner operator of Space Tiger Tattoos in New Orleans.

Lisa v. D.


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