Ellen Rococo

Ellen Rococo is jewelry designer based in Kiev, Ukraine, who works with polymer clay. She sculpts truly enchanting little forest creatures, which seem to spring from childhood fairy tales, or in her own words:

“Each piece of jewellery is a story that tells about forgotten towns and wonderful heroes as well as mythical animals.

Ellen Rococo oftentimes combines polymer clay with other, organic elements such as crystals or (ethically sourced!) skulls/bones, and also embellishes her pieces with gold or silver enamel. But what truly sets her work apart from the many other jewelry designers working with polymer clay is the way Ellen paints her pieces. There is so much detail to her style of painting and the colours are so vibrant – it’s like the Rococo style of late 18th century France meets the mysteries of vast Ukrainian forests!

Needless to say, each of her handmade pieces is one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a selection of my favourite finds from Ellen Rococo’s etsy store (all image credit belongs to the artist):





~ Lisa v. D.


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