From the Cryptic Closet

I haven’t been too much into dressing up and putting on some make-up recently, mainly for the lack of an occassion, but yesterday we were invited to a birthday party, so I took the opportunity and wore a dress for once. I wanted a dress that was neither glammed-up nor too casual, and I eventually went for an oversized linen dress I bought at Monki last year. Although I cannot really pinpoint this to something particular (maybe the stiff-ish fabric, maybe the loose fit), the dress kind of reminds me of the white coats worn by lab assistants – except is not buttoned up in the front and it’s black, obviously. In my opinion, this dress is very plain, but with its little stand-up collar and the slightly puffy sleeves it’s not too plain. Also, it was an outdoor party, and I found the oversized dress would allow for some breeze while at the same time being warm enough for the hours after sundown.


Due to the warm weather, I went for some light make-up only (it’s a pity that hint of brass eyeshadow does not really show on camera), and I also chose a lipstick shade that would not wear off too much from drinking and eating. Because I just cannot be bothered with checking on my make-up every time I take a bite ….

I went for a half-bun again, cause it’s just so convenient not to have your hair sticking to your face while at the same time I can still show of its length 😉

With regards to jewelry, I am wearing my perfume locket by Vala’s Enchanted Perfumery (hence the matching brass eyeshadow you unfortunately can’t see), and since I don’t have any rings made of brass, I went for my usual faux leather rings by Rannka. The black earrings I bought at H&M.


~ Lisa v. D.


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