Burke & Hare Co. (II)

Roughly two years ago Becca introduced you to Burke & Hare Co. and their beautifully designed candles. However, quite a bit has happened since then, for business owner Erica has extended the product line (see Becca’s post from 2015), and launched a line of bath and body products. Needless to say the new products smell just as gorgeous as the scented candles and are equally amazing in design.

The products are all handmade in small batches, all natural and (as far as I can see with the exception of solid perfumes) vegan.

Here are some of my favourites:


Bathory bath bomb:

“This bath bomb is sweet, light and fresh with notes of coconut and citrus complimented by a hint of cardamom. It contains coconut oils and shea butter for a luxurious bath.”


Lunacy bath bomb:

“Bathe your skin in the calming scent of lavender, soft vanilla bean and black myrrh. This dark and mysterious scent summons the night and encourages relaxation.”


Ashes to Ashes bath bomb:

“Ashes to Ashes is a blend of sandalwood and incense with a patchouli base. Dead Sea salts to help sooth muscles. Coconut oil to soothe and soften skin and Kaolin Clay (one of the mildest clays) to help draw impurities without being drying. Apricot Kernel and Sweet Almond Oils repair and nourish and Activated Charcoal to help detoxify and bring your skin back to life.”


Altar body butter:

“Bathe your skin in this beautiful and sensual fragrance of black rose over dark red wine with a base of musk to carry and warm the scent while a spicy wood note adds complexity”

Now you cannot only douse your home in your beloved scents from Burke & Hare Co. candles, you can also douse yourself in them:


Altar solid perfume:

“Altar is the complimentary fragrance to our Darkwave inspired candle of the same name, sensual and classic this fragrance leads with dark roses, red wines and currant. The blend settles into a base of applewood, rose and musk.”


Brand new – Satsuma perfume oil:

“Satsuma is a bright and beautiful fragrance, blending citrus notes of mandarin with orange blossom and vanilla, this fragrance settles into a light creamy musk. It is a fresh clean scent perfect for warmer nights.”

I highly recommend having a look around all the new products by Burke & Hare Co. Go visit their online shop!  Also, all picture credit = Burke & Hare Co.

~ Lisa v. D.



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