Cathedral Leggings by Casstronaut

American artist Cassie Meder aka Casstronaut is offering a second run of her stunning cathedral leggings! So in case you did not get your hands on some during the first run, you can NOW pre-order some again! But be quick – pre-order ends July 23th.


“The image I created is something I borrowed and pooled together from maybe a dozen different cathedrals from all over the world. But for the sake of art wearers, I wanted to create something anyone can wear and admire, similarly to the architecture of many cathedrals. Which are meant to emulate heaven, as in to inspire you to imagine how beautiful heaven might be while participating in a global and multidimensional mass. The decorations have specific meaning. Even for those who don’t subscribe to those beliefs – creating wonder and beauty is something that transcends humanity, something every person should be able to admire and appreciate.” Cassie Meder


The pre-orders will be ready to ship in late September. Cassie’s leggings are of high quality and are screen-printed at Carousel Ink, an online women’s boutique offering handmade limited edition clothing.

There are also cathedral art prints avaiable for purchase, if you’d prefer to adorne your home with sacred art instead (or in addition to) your legs.

~ Lisa v. D.

Image credit: Casstronaut


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