Rings by Rannka

Katie introduced you to Rannka’s „fashion for opinionated individuals made in New York” a while ago. Today, I’d like to talk about Rannka’s jewelry, particularly her ring collection. The unisex (vegan) leather rings shot to fame some years ago when Kat von D posted a pic of her wearing them. And being the little fan girl that I am, I immediately checked out the designer and ordered a bunch of rings. I got a total of six black leather rings about two years ago, and have been wearing them A LOT since then, cause they are the most comfortable rings you can imagine.

The rings are really inexpensive actually, which comes in handy because I recommend getting a set of them – the rings do make the most impact when they come in a group of three to five, spread over both hands. The (faux) leather embraces your fingers like a second skin, and you can even wear the rings on your knuckles without being uncomfortable.


As you can see in my picture, I also got midi rings and one long ring that stretches over two phalanges. (Is that the correct English word? Idk … The silver rings are from H&M, btw. Rings by Rannka can be worn solo or in combination with whatever other jewelry you like.)

Meanwhile, Rannka has extended her collection, offering different kinds of colours and materials. Here are some examples, showing the whole product range (image credit: Rannka).

I think I’ll have to order some new ones soon … not because my rings are worn-out or anything, no, (though I did lose one last weekend, sigh …), but because I want some new designs to complement the set of rings I already own.

Go browse Rannka’s ring collection. And once you visit her shop, go check out her latest fashion, too, of course!

~ Lisa v. D.


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