Foxy Chest

Foxy Chest is a lovely little Etsy shop offering handmade things “from the forest with love”. The shop is run by Elena Tyn and her mother and based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The two women mostly create needlework inspired by their strolls through the Karelian Isthmus, a densely forested stretch of land North-West of Saint Petersburg.

If you appreciate everything botanical (like I do), the newest addition to the shop, these little vintage embroidered pendants, will definitely melt your heart.


And just look at these super-cute fox mitts, making you all excited for autumn!

All products by Foxy Chest are created with a passion for detail, and even just by looking at them I can feel the fresh breeze of air that is inherent to remote woodlands, and at the same time I get that cozy feeling around my heart that makes me think of a grandmother sitting by the cozy fire, a blanket warming her legs, her wrinkly eyes focusing on her embroidery work.


At Foxy Chest, you can not only find handmade needlework inspired by the woods, but also unique jewelry pieces containing little souvenirs from the woods, such as this pendant-terrarium containing dried wild strawberries:


I also highly recommend following Elena on Instagram, where she posts the most enchanting photographs of her forest walks. The photos seem so fairy tale-like, I almost expect Elena to wear a red hooded cape!

~ Lisa v. D.


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