Linn Setane

As much as I like art and décor to be very ornate and richly detailed, I appreciate simple, clear designs just as much. It’s like two forces battling inside of me, often depending on my mood, and it’s also two different styles fighting for their right to exist in our apartment. The art of Linn Setane, an illustrator from Bergen, Norway, rather satisfies my minimalist needs. Her approach could be best describes as “adding by subtracting”.


Linn describes herself as „illustrator by night, law student by day“. And I think you can almost tell from her style of drawing that she produces her artworks at a late hour. Black silhouettes are oftentimes very dominant, landscapes are only vaguely perceptible, and while the moon is frequently depicted in Linn’s illustrations, the sun never is. In addition, her art is very much influenced by Norse heritage.

Although outlines are very dominant in Linn’s style of drawing, her artworks do not lack detail. There is this illustration of a pine cone I particularly admire – and it was only at second sight that I discovered the silhouette of a forest hidden in the underbelly of the cone, the tree tops seamlessly transitioning into its texture. Linn’s designs only appear minimalist at first sight, but there is always more than meets the eye.


Linn also sells prints of her artworks on Society6. You can also purchase her designs printed on all kinds of things – from mugs to T-Shirts to wall tapestries, if you really can’t get enough of it and want your whole room decorated with it (which I would understand).


Besides from illustrating, Linn turns out to be a very gifted photographer as well, so make sure to also check out her Instagram for some picture of Norwegian woods that will spark your wanderlust.


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