2 Quick & Easy Minimalist Halloween DIYs

It’s October 1st today and the countdown to Halloween has officially begun (inofficially, however, I have been in pumpkin spice everything and spooky decor mode since the beginning of September). While I find that a lot of Halloween decor stuff out there oversteps the boundaries of good taste and is absolute kitsch, there are many people out there on pinterest, youtube, blogs et cetera that keep things classy and come around with the most amazing DIY projects. Unfortunately, I am not exactly a very crafty person, yet I tried my best and accomplished to do 2 quick and easy DIYs. Since I veil my home into only black and white and all the shades of grey inbetween, these two DIYs make do with black and white only, and they are absolutely minimalist and kitsch-free. Promise!


First, let me talk about the pumpkin, which is inspired by a YouTube video by AmandaRachLee  – just that I didn’t carve out a real pumpkin. I coated the (styrofoam) pumpkin in black acrylic paint (you could use spray paint just as well), then sketched out the shape of a crescent moon. At intervals of about 2 centimeters, I inserted nails into the pumpkin (of about 3 cm in length). Then, I outlined the crescent moon shape with a white string, before going back and forth in zigzag-motions. And that’s it! Not counting the time it took the pumpkin to dry, this DIY took no longer than 15 minutes.

The second DIY is an ever quicker one. All you need is a plain white mug and a sharpie pen. You spell out “Boo!” and you’re done! It does not even matter if your handwriting is a bit cranky like mine, that just adds to the spookiness! Just put the mug into the oven for about half an hour to make sure the lettering will stay in place. Not counting the oven time, this DIY takes just ONE minute! I’m pretty sure I have discovered this DIY somewhere on pinterest, but unfortunately cannot find the pin anymore to give credit …

Need some more inspiration? Go have a look at my pinterest, where I collected a few things I like.

~ Lisa v. D.



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