Storybook Cosmetics

Once upon a time – that is, about a year ago – the first collection of brushes by Storybooks Cosmetics has gone viral and bookish make-up addicts all over the world lived happily ever after …

Storybook Cosmetics is a business run by the triplets Erin, Missy and Mandy. The young women specialise in make-up products, brushes in particular, that are inspired by your favourite reads – be it Harry Potter, The Secret Garden, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Hunger Games.

Sure, make-up brushes have to do their job properly, but having an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS design on top wont’t hurt, will it?


On October 10th, which is next Tuesday, Storybook Cosmetics will launch a new, limited edition of make-up brushes inspired by Romeo & Juliet. Although the rose design is not exactly new, these brushes come in black, just right in time for Halloween …

All image credit belongs to Storybook Cosmetics. Go visit their fairy tale of a shop.

~ Lisa v. D.


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