Uoga Uoga

Uoga Uoga is a Lithuanian brand for natural cosmetics selling skin care and mineral make-up “fresh as a forest berry” – for that is what “uoga uoga” means translated into English: berry. The small business was founded in 2010 when the two friends and workmates Lena and Jovita quit their jobs in the hedge funds industry and decided to start developing eco-friendly, natural cosmetics at affordable prices. Since then, the business has grown quite a bit (but is still family-run), just like the product range.

I came across Uoga Uoga when it was introduced to Ecco Verde, where I shop almost all of my natural cosmetics. Since then, many of their products are sold out there, but can still be purchased at the Uoga Uoga website!

I tried two products:

First, their “Moon Dew” facial cleanser:

“Gentle cleaning lotion with oat extract and lavender helps to clean and freshen up your skin after a long active day. Allantoin, extracted from comfrey roots, calms the skin and helps it to regenerate, while almond and jojoba oils have deep moisturising effect. Relaxing lavender scent transfers you to the land of calm and aromatic dreams.”

I use two pumps of the products each night to remove my everyday make up (except when I wear a full face including liquid foundation, then I prefer Dark Angel by LUSH), and despite being very gentle to the skin, the cleanser thoroughly removes my concealer and powder. And the lavender scent is just so soothing! Since a little bit of product goes a long way, I think 9 Euros is a reasonable price.

Second, I bought the “Look Coco” eye cream:

“Natural nourishing balm with almonds and coconut for skin around eyes. This oil blend is perfect for even the most sensitive skin around the eyes. Organic shea butter and coconut oil contain fatty acids, which stimulate collagen synthesis and that helps the skin remain its elasticity. Almond oil softens the skin and provides the necessary vitamins. Additional vitamin E helps rejuvenate skin cells and works as an antioxidant.”

Though being an eye cream, the product melts into an oil when applied to the skin. The formula is very rich and nourishing and leaves your skin around the eyes deeply hydrated. However, I would recommend using this cream only in the evening, for I find it way too heavy for application under make-up. But you get a lot of value for your money, considering 15 milliliters of eye cream are less than 10 Euros. Most eye creams by natural cosmetic brands are more expensive, even the drug store ones!

If I had to criticize something, it would be the plastic packaging. However, one should keep in mind that these products really do come at affordable prices. With the facial cleanser, I would prefer a transparent bottle, for it’s really hard to tell how much product is still left.

In the end, I would highly recommend cosmetics from Uoga Uoga. I like supporting small businesses and in this case you get high-quality skin care in return. I will definitely repurchase both the cleanser and the eye cream when used up, and I am also curious to try other of their products (especially the powder scrubs, I’m currently really digging these!).

~ Lisa v. D.


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