Baby Bat Beauty

Baby Bat Beauty is a small beauty brand founded by Amanda and based in Philadelphia. I think it’s best known for its eccentric lipstick shades and highlighters. When they launched a limited fall edition with four seasonal liquid lipsticks in early October, I was over the moon!

Although Baby Bat Beauty shipped out my order pretty fast, German customs caused a massive delay, but it arrived just in time for Halloween!

Before I show you the shades, here is some info about the company:

“We create a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products for your every desire. Our creative products are affordable, natural, PETA certified cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, and we have many vegan options! Best of all our products are unique and handmade with ♥”

Lacking professional equipment for taking portrait pictures like this, I tried to take the photos at best daylight conditions – but the way autumn is the sky was cloudy all day long… I still think the pictures show authentically what the colours look like. They are not edited in any way, except for some cropping.

Ok, here we go, starting with the shade called Toasted Marshmellows:

I really can’t describe what the colour looks like. It’s brownish, with a little bit of brass in it, yet not metallic, but all matte. I am very unsure if this particular shade suits my complexion, but I tried it with a little bit of a brassy metallic eye shadow on top and I really liked this combination! Funny enough, the lipstick does indeed smell like toasted marshmellows! But they all do, not just this one! In case you don’t like the sweet smell, be reassured: The smell fades after application!

Spiked Apple Cider:

BabyBatbBeauty2Spiked Apple Cider is an orange shade without being too bright or even neon. What can I say – it’s just perfect for Halloween! (And as we all know: Everyday is Halloween!)


BabyBatbBeauty3You can’t do without a proper red lipstick, can’t you? Campire is probably my favourite shade of the collection, though being the most “common” one. It’s a red shade that is neither too bright, nor too dark, and has a bit of a rusty undertone.


BabyBatbBeauty4As you might know, I am a sucker for grey lipsticks! Needless to say I just love Haunted!

All matte liquid lipsticks by Baby Bat Beauty are easy to apply and last all day (as long as you avoid eating greasy/oily foods – but, sigh, that’s the Achilles heel of all lipsticks, isn’t it? So better have this delicious burger another time!).


The only comparison I have so far when it comes to liquid lipsticks are the ones by Kat von D Beauty. Now this might sound like the battle of David against Goliath, but David, in the end, wins! What I don’t quite like about the Kat von D lipsticks is: The bolder and darker the shade, the thicker you have to apply the lipstick in order to get an even tone. With these lippies by Baby Bat Beauty, one thin layer is all it takes! Plus, they are a little cheaper!


I paid $39.90 for the set of four lipsticks. However, I do think the set was limited and sold out in the meantime, yet you can still purchase the individual lipsticks for $13.99 a piece. Also, if you are into highlighters, I highly recommend check out their range at!

~ Lisa v. D.


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